Friday, June 6, 2014

Busy Day!

Lots going on in downtown Reading today.  At lunch we had the WWII re-enactors from the 24th Anniversary WWII Weekend at the Reading Airport stormed into the city to liberate us, complete with air support.  They go right by where I work so I have a front row seat.  It's somewhat corny I suppose but I always enjoy it.  It's something good that happens around here which is a very nice change from the day to day goings on in Reading.  For more info click here.  The weather is going to be perfect so come out and have some fun.

A few hours later there were endless sirens.  Lots and lots of them.  That stopped right outside my office window.  In the past that would mean yet another bank robbery just around the corner but the bank updated a year ago making that possibility extremely slim.  A solid wall between customers and tellers with those pneumatic tube systems like they have at drive-ups connecting the two.

Eventually I had to get up and look out.  By then the street that leads to Howie's parking lot was blocked off.  Uh oh.  And then the bomb squad truck arrived.  Hmm.  Definitely not a good sign.  As it turns out, there was a suspicious package in the parking lot behind the bank.

It finally got to be time to leave for the day.  There was crime scene tape almost around the whole block with officers strategically place, keeping the public at bay.  Fortunately for me, Howie was ten feet outside the tape so we got to go home, unlike the poor people who work in the bank and the offices that share the building with it.

The package turned out to be a harmless backpack, thank goodness.  But it is nice to know that Reading is actually prepared to handle such things if necessary.

Happy weekend all!

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