Friday, June 20, 2014

My Day...

Today would have been my Great Aunt Irva's 98th birthday.  Happy birthday, Irva!

In her honor, I took the day off and ended up at Longwood Gardens.  It was a perfect day for it.  75 degrees with no humidity and poofy white clouds.  Lots and lots of pretties but right inside the visitor center I stopped to smell the roses, Irva's favorite flower.

I wandered out to the new meadow, most of which was just like where I grew up but there was a cool pond.  I was standing on the bridge, watching the water and suddenly one of the lumps moved.  It was a turtle!  I love turtles so that made the day for me.  Everything after that was a bonus.

A cool treehouse, a room full of orchids, a garden that was all shades of silvery leaves and a huge mellow cat lounging under a tree.  All in all a wonderful way to spend Irva's birthday.

Happy weekend, all!

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