Thursday, October 25, 2012

Doom, Gloom and Weather Drama

It seems to be that time again.  Time to make dire predictions that get everyone in a tizzy and send them scurrying to the stores for Armageddon supplies.

Hurricane Sandy is in the Caribbean.  There’s a cold front coming in from the west.  Current weather scenarios indicate that they will collide somewhere near the New Jersey coast during the next week or so.  Full moon is on the 29th so tides will be high.  Sandy holds the potential to dump 8-10 inches of rain.  Which could translate into many feet of snow if the front truly does its thing.

Depending on what track both systems take and where exactly they meet up things could get very, very nasty.  Okay, no denying that, best to be prepared.  I have nothing against reports that encourage that.  But the few I saw and heard before I got fed up and began ignoring them are, in my opinion, geared to panicking people.  They’re talking billions and billions of dollars, much more than the Storm of the Century, in damage with power outages that will last until after the presidential election.  Even if that’s the case I believe they could state it in a less sensational manner.

In disasters, isn’t it better to keep people calm?  Wouldn’t it be more conducive for safety to not create mass hysteria?  I’m not suggesting you not pay attention and take this threat seriously.  I just think it might be more prudent for the weather folks to be a bit more cautious in what they say.   Perhaps urge people to use some common sense.  Stock up on a reasonable amount of supplies.   Don’t drive through deep, standing water with live electrical lines that have fallen into them.  Don’t take your cute little sports cars out in a blizzard.

Think for yourself, people!  We’ve all experienced storms, rain and snow, before.  We’ve all lived through power outages of varying lengths.  We can and will deal with whatever comes our way.  If you have special needs, make sure they’re covered.  No need to become a bunch of lunatic sheep and wipe out everything in every store you’ve ever walked past, driven by or flown over.

As for me, I have a box of crackers and I just picked up a jar of Nutella so I’m all set.  An so you know, I have outside things to do that will take up much of Saturday so this whole mess will simply have to wait until I am finished.

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