Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am ANGRY!!!

After picking up Howie today I went off to Best Buy only because I was almost there.  I’ve decided to upgrade my internet and switch providers.  Several friends have good things to say about Clear, the price is reasonable so that’s what I went for.

I got there and a very nice man directed me to the Clear salesman.  He asked if all my devices were wifi compatible and then recommended a hub unit since my desktop is not.  It has Ethernet capability as well as wireless.  Sounded good so far since the places I take my laptop generally have wifi so I really don’t need to be my own hotspot.

Mr. Clear logged into the system to get me started and up pops a flag saying hubs don’t work with my address.  Hmm, okay.  The map however shows it does.  He switches to another screen which seemed to indicate it would work.  Fine.  I asked if I could trade gizmos if it didn’t work.  Yep, no problem.  While I was off paying I saw a Best Buy individual chatting with Mr. Clear and thought nothing of it.

Got home and guess what?  Hubs do NOT work at my house.  Back I went to Best Buy.  Angry!  Customer service woman was very pleasant and sent me to mobile department.  Curious but okay.  I ended up with an extremely nice, helpful woman by the name of Cora.  Off we go to the computer department where Mr. Clear has gone for the day.  Mr. Best Buy from earlier was still there.  He told me he tried to stop Mr. Clear from selling the hub to me because he knew it wasn’t going to work.  I asked why he didn’t tell me directly and the look said everything that needed to be said.  Mr. Clear would not have been easy to work with in the future had he done that.  Fine.  I get it.  However I think keeping customers happy would be a better policy.

Mobile Cora called Clear and got everything all switched around even though it turned out she generally has absolutely nothing to do with Clear sales or computer gizmos.  If I didn’t already have the wonderful Miss Amber as my mobile guru I’d definitely go to Cora.

After she had me all set to go I went off the find a store manager and lodged a complaint about Mr. Clear.  He was very nice and apologetic and said everything he should have said.  So.  If you happen to be considering switching to Clear and would buy the gizmo at the Best Buy in Wyomissing, PA seek out a Best Buy salesman to assist instead of Mr. Clear, log in bboy508.  Yeah, I pay attention to such things.

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barbara huffert said...

Angry part 2 - Cancelling the old internet provider. She tried to argue with me and insist that I didn't have constant connectivity issues. And then had the nerve to be snitty when I interrupted and told her nothing she might say could change my mind so skip the spiel and simply cancel my account as I asked.