Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Food - The New Drug

In case you missed this last year, there’s an inventor, David Edwards, who has developed a gizmo that will vaporize food.  That’s right.  It takes physical food and turns it into a cloud which can then be inhaled.

Actually, there are two gizmos.  The first, Le Whif, is a lipstick-sized tube thingy that works on the same principle as an asthma pump.  They come with pre-vaporized chocolate, coffee or vitamins.  Vitamins?  Why on earth you would want vaporized vitamins is beyond me but to each his own.  In case you’re curious, individual tubes go for 1.80 euros ($2.33) and there are two sizes of multi-packs available at a discount.

The second gizmo, Le Whaf, is a contraption that turns liquids into gas, basically by vibrating really, really fast.  The machine itself goes for 129 euros ($160).  Sadly, you can’t just toss in any liquid of your choosing.  Nope, you also have to buy the specially prepared versions of what you want, things that contain a secret mix of essences.  Mmm, secret essences, just what I’ve been craving.

Oh, if you’re wondering, yes, inhaling vaporized food significantly reduces caloric intake although it is not calorie free.  The advantage supposedly is that a toke of say, chocolate is only one calorie so you can inhale for ten minutes and only consume 200 calories.  Um, yeah.  I admit I’ve never tried it but I can’t imagine it being more satisfying than letting a double chocolate truffle melt on your tongue.

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Taylor Tryst said...

Well, there goes my coffee!!! lol

Yeah, I'll stick to the calories, thank you! Love my chocolate. Plus, you're poor lungs!