Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's That Time Again

I don’t need to have TV to know that the listings are overflowing with Christmas specials and holiday movies. Feel good, sometimes sappy with hardships but all with a happy ending. Don’t misread what I’m saying. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some are even good movies.

But they’re false advertising. Life, real life, doesn’t always have a happy ending. Problems aren’t magically resolved. Some can’t be overcome no matter how hard they’re worked at. A stranger does not show up on the doorstep to make everything better.

There are people hungry now who will continue to be long after the holidays are over. There are still hardworking people losing their jobs to the economy. There are people losing their homes. There are dedicated, longtime employees being forced out of their jobs by circumstances that should not be tolerated. There are people with hearts full of love who have no one to share it with, lonelier than ever.  There are people going without much needed medical care because they can no longer afford health insurance even though they have decent jobs. There are people giving up treasured pets, their only source for comfort because they are unable to continue caring for them. There are people who are sad to begin with that slip into deep depressions they may not survive. This list could go on and on but I think you get my point.

Life is not a movie. Many who struggle all year round suffer even more this time of year. As you go about your daily lives try to keep that in mind and be a little kinder to those you meet. They may be crying behind their smiles. You, if you act with decency and compassion, could make a difference without ever knowing it. Isn’t that the true essence of the season?

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