Monday, December 10, 2012

Today's Adventure

I don’t know if you recall but I’m had some difficulty with a wet floor around my toilet off and on for about a year now.  After having the wax ring replaced, needlessly it was determined to be the feeder line.  It was tightened up and I was told to watch it.

My floor was not good to begin with.  It was obviously replaced before I moved it.  The ex did a shoddy repair that didn’t help matters.  When the leaking continued and the ceiling below it started to show seepage I decided I had no choice.

I was at work one day, discussing the situation and stated that I needed a handyman.  Five minutes later I walked out the door to go to one of the other buildings and there, parked by the curb right out front was a van with a handyman sign painted on the side.  Okay, so the universe provided one.  Thank you!

Today I had the day off.  I called him two weeks ago and he said sure, he’d come today and yes, it would only take today.  I only have one bathroom.  That is essential.

Bright and early he appeared as promised.  He went about taking out the old toilet which had cracked due to the floor being unsteady.  Five minutes later there was water pouring down through the ceiling into my dining room.  The pipe leading to the feeder line snapped.

That mess cleaned up and he pulls up the floor to see what he had to deal with.  Do you know what it’s like to be sitting downstairs, listening to ongoing muttering about what a disaster it is and how impossible it is and how he has no clue what to do?   Not fun.  No, not fun at all.  Nor encouraging.

But off he went to Lowe’s to gather supplies.

Six hours and much muttering later, he says he thinks it should be okay.  Not very confidently.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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