Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Play for Me

Written by my friend, the talented Lois Kasznia.  Play for Me is Lois's second novel.  Do yourself a favor and go take a peek.  It just came out today so I haven't read it yet but if the humor in the book matches Lois's I'm sure you'll love it.  I know I will!

Blurb -

Samantha Stevens finds her life spinning out of control due to the downturn of the economy. One minute she's a young, hot shot Vice President in Chicago and now finds herself on the unemployment line. But not for long. In matter of days, she lands a job in Los Angeles working for aging rock star, Jett Robinson who wants her to help get his career back on track. Samantha quickly learns how to deal with wealth, sensitive egos and crazed fans.

Ian Andrews, a semi retired Navy Seal and architect, has been hired to do the work on Jett's house in Maui. Ian meets Samantha and is immediately intrigued by Samantha's smoking hot looks, as well as her humor, honesty and outlook on life. At first, Samantha is put off by Ian's model good looks, but soon finds Ian to be an amazing person.

Just as things between Ian and Samantha heat up, conflicts between Samantha's overprotective brother, her very opinionated mother and Ian's Seal connections become too much. Both Samantha and Ian want their relationship to work, but can true love really conquer all?

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