Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rudely Awakened

There’s a new town crier in my neighborhood.  The past few years there was a huge tiger cat who would stroll through the yard, announcing his arrival as he came.  He’d stand where he could be easily seen from the back living room and side dining room windows.  My cats would hop up on the sills and get the scoop on the neighborhood.

The tiger seems to have been replaced.  There is now a very loud mostly black kitty who comes to share the local gossip.  He hasn’t learned to paraphrase yet.  Over the weekend he spent several hours talking in my yard.  He stayed so long that my cats lost interest and wandered off to nap.

Last night, in the wee hours of the morning, he returned and decided to sit on the outside of the non-functioning air conditioner while my cats perched on the inside of it.  Or so I’m guessing.  All I know is somehow the alarm system was triggered at that window.  At 3:45 AM.  This morning there were footprints on the top of the ac unit outside and my cats were afraid to scamper by it.

I’ve been happily ignoring that air conditioner for years.  It’s old and huge and very heavy.  Now however, I suppose I must deal with it.  Guess that’s the spot where my purging of useless things will begin.  Sigh.

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