Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Support Your Local Library

A few weeks ago I was out and about and ended up needing to wait somewhere.  While there I happened to flip through the local free newspaper where I saw a listing of courses offered by the Reading Public Library.  Most were of no interest – basic Internet, beginning Excel and Word.  But then I noticed beginning Power Point.

I have no experience in that so I went off to work the next morning and requested to be permitted to attend.  Hey, training opportunity, free, within walking distance so yes, it was approved.

The class was today and I had a blast!  Many of the others there had attended all the other classes together so they knew I was new to the group.  A kindly older man patted my hand and told me not to worry, that I’d catch up in no time.  So cute!

The class began and the librarian instructing it was great.  He drew on the knowledge shared in previous classes, reinforcing what they’d already learned.  He made it interesting, fun and best of all easy to follow.  No, we’re hardly experts but in the few hours there we learned enough to set up a basic presentation, with encouragement to go off and be creative on our own.

Next month, he’s holding a Microsoft Publisher class.  Yep, I’ll be requesting to go to that one as well and I’m already looking forward to it.

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