Monday, January 13, 2014


The one I wanted
I have watched the Olympics all my life.  I don't remember the first.  I was two.  I do however, remember all since then.  I was happy when the schedule changed from holding both seasons the same year to alternating every two years.  That meant I didn't have to wait so long between.  I don't have a favorite Olympic sport.  I love them all!  Things I'd never consider watching any other time I am riveted to the screen if it's the Olympics.

I'm not sure when but somewhere along the line I started collecting pins.  I've always liked the official ones best.  To me, they signify the true spirit of the Olympics - the entire world coming together for a few short weeks, full of national pride while putting aside all the politics of the day.  I can only imagine the thrill of competing, even for those who know going in that they don't stand a chance of medalling.  They are still their, the best their countries have to offer, up against the best in the world.

Anyway, I found pins from the older Olympiads and now I have at least one from every games since I was born.  Sadly, this year there will be no official pin for me.  The Sochi committee is not shipping any official merchandise to the USA, North Korea or Brazil.  Very un-sportsman-like if you want my opinion.

A friend of a friend heard of my disappointment and offered me her address in the Netherlands, promising to turn the package around and ship it out to me.  Wonderful!  Back I went to the Sochi website.  I selected three pins, $6.02 per pin.  And then I discovered that it would cost $44.87 to ship them from Russia to the Netherlands.  I want them.  I would absolutely love to have them.  But I just can't justify that much self-indulgence.  So I ordered me a Team USA pin.  It doesn't have the year on it.  It's not a cool as the official pin.  But the shipping was only $4.99 which was within my price range so I will force myself to be happy with it even though deep in my heart I am not.

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