Friday, January 31, 2014

My Awesome Friend, Lois Kasznia

Has a new book out today.  Flag on the Play.  How cool is that!  Her other books are fun.  I expect this one will be too.  Go read it.

Blurb -

Payton Walters loves her job as a sportscaster for the National Football League. She has worked hard to get to this point in her career and thanks to her knowledge, has earned the respect of her peers in this male dominated field. Some view her as eye candy, but her knowledge and no nonsense attitude about the game has grudgingly given her respect amongst her peers. She is not shy about her critiques on certain players and teams, calling it as she sees it. She is still single, what seems to be the enviable position of working around so many football players – like every woman would dream of this chance and be like a kid in a candy store. However, one thing Payton has learned over the years is that most of these athletes have egos the size of Texas. Not her type of man.

Bad boy Kyle Ross, a star quarterback in the NFL, is trying to turn his life around. Even though he plays an excellent game, his social life needs major work. After years of dating actresses and models, he has had it with their shallow personalities. Payton is an old friend and Kyle has always been close to her father, a famous high school football coach. When he meets up with Payton during the season, he wants to revive their friendship, but Payton doesn’t want anything to do with him – not only because of his image, but because Kyle plays for her least favorite team. Kyle needs to change his image quickly if he wants Payton to take him seriously. How far will Kyle go to win not just the season, but Payton?

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