Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Not Bad!

Off I went to work this morning before the crack of dawn only to turn up the street that takes me to the parking lot and encounter a half block hill of solid ice. Howie the Magnificent was not happy but we made it. After I parked I went investigating. There was water oozing up out of the street. Curious. At -1 there should not have been any water that was still liquid.

I called all the water authority numbers which were disconnected. Then I called the police and spoke with a very nice officer who, after sighing at my explanation of why I was calling them and not the water people, thanked me and said he'd contact them.

Amazing! Within 15 minutes they were there. When I left work later I chatted with one of the very unhappy looking workers. What an awful way to spend a 0 degree day! He was pleasant and actual smiled as he told me it could have been much worse if it hadn't been called in when it was. I did good!

I also did good at the hearing for my yard.  The inspector I met with pulled up a pic of the weeds in my yard.  I identified them all and then proceeded to show him the photos I took with me of the same plants in full bloom.  In less than two minutes he apologized and promised my fine would be refunded within the month,.  Yay!

Sadly I picked up a the nasty bug that's going around.  Ears, throat, body aches with an unhappy tummy.  Boo!  Back to bed with me.  Hope you avoid this one.

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