Tuesday, January 14, 2014

To Quote the Raven

Sadness, corrosive and debilitating, seeps into my marrow
The vituperative silence usurps all joy
leaving a hollow quiet in its wake
Devoid of life my empty soul lingers on
Echoes of long abandoned promises whisper through the tatters
reminding me of what never will be
So close I once was
but, to quote the raven, nevermore

This vast wasteland that was my life
uninhabitable even for ghosts
crumbles under the onslaught of nothingness
Bit by bit, I died
my spirit leeched away by the waiting
What should have been a constant
shattered and lost, tossed carelessly to the four corners
Now so distorted it is unrecognizable
Never to be reformed
Never to be missed
To quote the raven, nevermore

Disappointment rumbles like distant thunder
Each new hurt a shaft of lightening scorching the blackened embers that were my soul
Where hope had blossomed
with a tentative toehold in need of tender nurturing
Now crushed under the weight of neglect
Extinct from recklessness
Lost forever
To quote the raven, nevermore

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