Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dear Microsoft

Please do take it personally when I tell you how much I abhor your business practices.  I am a longtime user of XP.  I love it!  I know how everything works and have always been able to do exactly what I needed to do with it.  Your upcoming abandonment of it is despicable.

Due to your total lack of consideration I will be forced to abandon my nearly seven year old Dell computer which I also love.  Why?  Because when I surfed to see if there was a fix for this I found your new and shiny and not necessarily improved operating system is not compatible with my machine.  Your advice?  Buy a new computer.

Had I unlimited funds that might not be such a bad thing however I do not.  Nor would I randomly purchase another when the one I currently have is perfectly functional.  You may live in a disposable world but I don’t.  I believe in things that last.  Unlike you.

I have decided to make it my goal to never give you another cent as long as I live.  No big deal to you, I’m certain but perhaps I can gather others to make this a common goal for all of us.  Trust me, I am angry enough and displeased enough that I will find a way around you.

Lacking all respect for you since you lack any caring for the rest of us,

Barbara Huffert

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