Saturday, March 15, 2014

Learned Something

I have no natural affinity for cement work.  No, concrete is definitely not my immediate forte.  However, I am certain, with some practice and proper equipment, I could master it if I chose to.  I do not.

What am I yammering about?  This morning was to be a DIY morning.  My steps are in need of repair, thanks in part to the gas company jack-hammering up against them last fall and the winter we’ve had.  They are also old.  Extremely old.  They were worn when I moved in 25 years ago.  Age does not become them.

I know they will need replacing eventually but I hoped to postpone the expense by sealing them to halt the crumbling.  Excellent idea in theory.  In actuality, not so much.  To begin with the scraps of wood I was sure just had to be tuck away in the basement were not.

On to plan B for form construction.  In case you’re wondering, no, chicken wire and duct tape are not an acceptable substitute.  But I gave it the proverbial college try anyway.  It is not anywhere close to smooth and square but that wasn’t really the intent.  I was going for functional. 

No clue if I accomplished that.  There is currently plastic covering the glop.  Hey, I’ve seen cementing done.  They always cover up the area with plastic once they are finished.  Bet they don’t apply sun-in before they begin as I did.  Multitasking at it’s finest!

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