Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It was primary election day in Pennsylvania. At 5:15 I was number 112. Out of a possible 973. Yes, I know it was just the primary. Yes, I know it was raining. But still, isn’t it sad how little people here in Reading care?

Today was the day we were to choose the final candidates for mayor. I know I’ve mentioned the financial distress this city is in before so this really was important. One of the individuals today will have the task of getting Reading out of the current mess it’s in.

There were seven Democrats vying for the post and three Republicans. Granted, I don’t have TV so I wasn’t able to watch any of the debates. Nor have I seen any of their ads. But I did read the propaganda they distributed and the interviews printed in the paper. I listened to the discussions on the radio.

My opinion, and this is just that, is that they’re all scary in their own way. Nothing any of them said filled me with much hope. So the choice for me became one of who will do the least harm. Again, isn’t that sad?

In other news, I met an agent from the Homeland Security office today. No, not at work. On the street. He was stopping people passing by to ask about the possible residents of a certain apartment building. Yeah. That about sums up the state of this city, doesn’t it?

Hope your day was more inspiring.

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