Thursday, May 5, 2011

Watch Out!

Sorry I went awol on you yesterday but I was out and about for the day. I went for a quick drive across the state and back. I needed to check on something for myself. Once again, gas prices jumped 4 cents in just a few hours. I’ll never get that one. I wonder if they lower them every morning. They almost have to or gas would cost a hell of a lot more than $4.02.

Have you ever watched the movie Duel with Dennis Weaver? There’s a rusted old tanker truck that stalks and terrorizes Weaver’s character. The entire movie. Don’t know about you but I think it’s one of the creepier things ever made.

Long drives like that always get me thinking about it. The weird thing is that it doesn’t bother me until after dark. Yeah, I know. Silly since you can’t tell anything about the truck behind you in the dark other than that it’s a truck. It’s only during the day that you can see what type of truck it actually is.

All I know is that during the day, when I can see, there is no way I will ever pass a truck that resembles the one in the movie. And at night, I make sure I find a friendly truck and stick with it.

What is a friendly truck you ask? That’s a personal choice that I let Howie make. Yesterday, he chose to keep us in between a Swift Trucking and an English Transport, both of which were very comfortable and protective. Yep, they kept us hidden so even if one of those evil tankers was lurking it wouldn’t have been able to get us.

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