Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Blue Tent

I was semi-dozing Sunday afternoon because Kya wanted to snuggle and I couldn’t resist.  I drifted into a dream where I was frantically urged to remember that the books are in the blue tent.  Hmm, okay.  I can remember that even though I have no clue what the books are or why they are important.

I went off to bed Sunday night and the dream continued.  There were more people involved, none that I know of course.  A few were with me.  The rest were shooting at us.  They wanted the location of the blue tent with the books and things in it.  Things?  What things?  A detached portion of my mind wondered how they would ever discover the location of the tent if they succeeded in shooting me since I somehow knew I was the one connected to the tent.  The others were there to protect me.

At one point we barged into some unknown woman’s apartment.  After her initial shock wore off, she organized a meal for us.  Darn good too though I can’t tell you what it was she fed us.  But then the other group located us and shot up the outside of her building which inspired her to ask us to leave.  I felt bad, leaving her with all the clean up after she so nicely provided us with an impromptu dinner but the guys insisted that we go.

Last night the dream continued.  Does that happen to you too?  I have continuing dreams all the time.  Any way, last night we were still on the run even though the group with guns wasn’t close enough to do any shooting.  The one in charge of my group felt certain they weren’t far behind and made us keep moving.  No, I didn’t recognize where we were but it looked like a cool area.  I’d like to go back sometime when I’m not being chased.  At one point I got a call from an unidentified individual that instructed me to follow the bird and that the bird would lead me to the tent with the books and things.  And then, of course, I woke up.

I sure hope this dream continues.  I’d really like to see just how I am supposed to know which bird to follow, not to mention how one goes about following a bird.  I’d also like to know the significance of the books and things and what the blue tent has to do with everything.  Yep, even sleeping is an adventure at my house.

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