Saturday, May 12, 2012


I am angry.  There.  I’ve said it.  I need a bit of home repair done that is too heavy for me to do myself.  I have someone recommended to me to do it.  Someone who I’ve used in the past for things I am unable to deal with on my own.

Two weeks ago, I called and made arrangements for one day after work.  I came straight home.  He didn’t show.  Nor did he answer his phone.

I called again, the following Monday and made arrangements for today.  Okay, I know today is only half over.  But today is already half over!  And once again, he hasn’t appeared nor does he answer.  So now I am angry.

It’s not a total waste.  I made a kettle of soup bright and early this morning so I’m set for food for the week.  My laundry is almost finished.  The cat fur is vacuumed up for this five minutes.  I’m knitting, which is soothing and the only thing keeping me from being furious.  But it’s a nice day, not to hot, and I could have gone to the Burpee Open House and toured their gardens.  Or I could be at the carnival up the street with my camera.  Or I could be digging in the dirt again.

Have I mentioned that I’m angry?

Anyone know a reliable handyman?

One that would actually show up when scheduled and prevent me from wasting all this energy being so angry.

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Anonymous said...

Such a bum! I hate waiting for repair people. They are always late. How rude and disrespectful of this guy!

Though, everything else sounds amazingly cozy! The soup, the knitting, the kitties.

Sending you good vibes for repairmen.