Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Juice Update

About to finish day five and I had no Excedrin today.  None!  The first four days I had a total of five.  Yes, I have a tiny headache but it’s so miniscule it barely counts.  Today is another hot, humid, mucky day, as the last four has been.  I should be curled up in a ball, contemplating moving enough to seek death.  Is it really the juice?  Or have I convinced myself so thoroughly that this is going to work that it is?  Don’t know.  Don’t care.  It seems to be helping and that’s all that truly matters.

Some observations.  Kale is not something I will ever willingly have again in my life.  There’s no way to put it other than to say, in my opinion, kale is foul.  Nasty.  Icky.  Disgusting.  You get the idea.  But it is so loaded with nutrients that I am going to continue to juice the vile stuff and force myself not to gak as I drink it.  The original plan to have some twice a day has been abandoned.  Once is more than enough and there are plenty of other non-vile veggies out there to sustain me.

The best part of this are the juices I make for breakfast.  Fruit, fruit and more fruit.  I made a strawberry-rhubarb-apple with cinnamon that was absolutely delicious.  Serious numminess!  And then, the second time I made it I added in a chunk of pineapple for sweetness and it was even better.  Makes me wish I had much, much more of those items and had skipped the other fruits.  But, when I was purchasing produce, I thought a variety would be best.  Now I know better.

Day three was the worst.  Not only was it 92 and extremely humid, I had zero energy.  My head hurt.  I felt blech.  And I was snarly.  If I’d been able to move there was an annoying someone who very likely wouldn’t have survived the day.  Luckily I ended up watching movies with Kya most of the day.  She’s been the best buddy through this time.  She’s enjoyed hanging out and getting all the attention.  The boys were sprawled elsewhere and couldn’t be bothered to be jealous as they usually are.  I just wish she’d stop choosing movies that had food in them!

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