Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Don't Get It

What is it with handymen in my area?  Are they so solvent they don’t have to work?  Or so damn lazy and irresponsible they can’t be bothered?

Today I had an appointment with the second choice.  Recommended again by someone I know and trust.  Supposedly reliable, competent and reasonably priced.  Only I wouldn’t know because once again he failed to show!  And he’s another who won’t answer the damn phone.

I am on day three of a migraine from hell.  I want to either scream or cry but can’t because both will without a doubt make it worse.  I really don’t need this aggravation.  Really, really, really I don’t.

What I do need is someone to show up and do the half-hour’s worth of work properly for which I fully intend to pay him for.  If someone doesn’t come soon my house is going to start to fall down around me.  On the brighter side once that happens, with my luck lately, it will fall on my head and then it will no longer matter if I have a migraine or not.

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