Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 8

NaNoWriMo Day 8 - 1685 words, total 17689.

"There is an incident I’d like to relate to you although it doesn’t quite fit what I’ve shared so far. Without a doubt, the person in question deserved to die. That is a definite. My mind was racing with possible scenarios, trying to work out how best to exterminate the lying thief encapsulated within her bubble of security. I had yet to derive anything suitable, though in my defense it had only been a minute and a half since her heinous crime, when fate stepped in and eliminated the problem for me.
Tell me, do you believe in karma? As in say, an undesirable does some sort of harm to someone good, do you think there’s a cosmic entity out there just waiting to swoop in and extract vengeance? I’m confident that is precisely what occurred in this instance.
One thing’s for certain, I was clearly the victim. I so often am. Oh? You don’t agree? I don’t see why not. I thought I’ve been very succinct in explaining the need for swift justice in each and every case I detailed for you. Which part are you having trouble with? I know I told you this was a monologue but now I’m curious. What don’t you understand?
      Ah. You believe I may have been too harsh in my determination that the individuals always deserved the death sentences I bestowed upon them. I suppose you’re entitled to your own opinion even though you are most assuredly wrong. Consider this. Had I permitted any of those you’ve heard about to persist in their behavior they would have gone further down the path they were heading and gotten much worse. As I see it, what I’m doing is a service to humanity. I’m protecting those decent folk who are too squeamish to dole out justice as I do. If each of us who is capable as I am did our part then the world overall would be a nicer place. That’s often the theme in my tales, the little people finding a champion willing to do the arduous things that they are unable to undertake on their own"~ Indiscriminate Slaughter

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