Monday, May 6, 2013

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

Finally, after ignoring them for mrph mrph years, I couldn’t stand it and took down the curtains in my kitchen and dining rooms in order to wash them.  Dust everywhere!  Poor Beau had never witnessed this task before and was highly concerned.  So much so that he was agitated and  talking to me straight through the entire cleaning process, windows, sills, walls, until they returned to what he thinks is their rightful place at the windows.

Do you know what I remembered when I was three quarters finished rehanging them?  I hate having curtains on those windows!  I only got them when the bastard I let live in my house for far too many years insisted.  Without them, it’s bright and cheerful.  With them, even though they are white and gauzy happy balloon curtains covering only the top half of the windows, it gets dim and dreary.

I never saw the need for them.  Still don’t.  The house that those windows face has shades pulled down to within four inches of the sills with drapes that cover all but the center ten inches of window.  And they’ve been like that since I moved in twenty-five years ago.  I seriously doubt those neighbors will suddenly alter their routine.  They just aren’t like that.

But, since I had already gone to the effort of washing the blasted things and was nearly finished reinstalling them, I let them stay.  For now.  I did however, warn Beau that this was the last time I’d be doing so.  Next time they get dusty enough to bother me they’re going straight into the trash and he’ll have to learn to deal with it.

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