Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prima Donnas, the Lot of Them

Characters, that is. I was happily listening to the Penguins tonight, cheerful that they were beating the Islanders when a new character popped in and smacked me upside the head. She demanded that I start on her tale immediately.  Nevermind that I was preoccupied with the game.  Nevermind that I was in the middle of knitting a new pair of mitts.  No manners, this one. She didn't even properly introduce herself, outright refused to tell me her name, just insisted I take this down. So of course I did.  Who am I to argue when a character is being chatty?

"I’d rarely been one to back down from a challenge and I was not about to start then. No, that was one I simply could not ignore, not with how he was sitting there looking entirely too smug. He was smiling at me as if I was some cowardly little girl who didn’t have a clue. I had no choice but to show him just how wrong he was."

Oh yeah, she's going to be fun!


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