Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Howie is Happy!

I had an extra long weekend and spent part of today questing new shoes for Howie.  Mission accomplished!  And very easily. 

Before setting out I did some research online.  I had three destinations chosen.  Two of the three listed tire price then charged for all add-ons such as installation.  They both had some rebates available that would have brought the price down, though not down to where I wanted it.

The third had no deals on the tires in my price range but their price included everything.  Mounting, balancing, new valve stems.  Everything.  I’d been there before when I needed a slow leak patched and had a good experience so I decided to start there first even though they were a bit more expensive after the rebates at the other places.

It’s a rainy Tuesday so there was no waiting when I walked in.  I told the salesman what I wanted.  Yes, I am capable of reading the sidewall of the old tire to find out what size Howie wears.  He was about to go into his whole speech but I cut him off, asking only for the options below a certain price, a price lower than either of the other two rebated prices.  I also only needed to say no thank you once to all the other services they offer before he understood that I was truly not interested and no amount of coercion would get me to spend more today.  I always appreciate that.

Guess what!  They have leeway in their prices that are adjusted on the spot.  All the customer has to do is ask.  Hey, can’t fault them for that.  If you don’t at least ask you deserve to pay the higher price, right?  So in less than an hour and no extra driving around, Howie has brand new, bright and shiny shoes.  He is happy.  We are safer on the road since his old ones were looking really, really shabby.  And it was accomplished at less than I expected to pay.  In fact, I have enough left that I can now go have a nice lunch.  What more can you ask for?

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