Thursday, May 23, 2013


Eleven years ago, back before the days of auto-transfer everything, I pulled up to the bank drive through intending to make a loan payment.  I had the cash clipped to the coupon.  I tucked it securely into the carrier and sent it on its way.  A moment later the teller asked where the money was for the payment.  I’m sure I said something stellar at first, like huh as I knew it was attached and included.  She repeated the question, stating that all she received was the coupon.

On and on it went from there, as you might imagine.  I am one hundred percent certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I sent it through the tube.  She insists I didn’t.  I was so positive I requested them to review the tape of me assembling the carrier.  After longer than it should have taken, the manager credited my account since I’d been a good and loyal customer for almost fifteen years.  When I pushed on why they weren’t interrogating her instead of me but I was ignored.  It was however, the last time I ever saw her there.

The outcome was that even though I had done nothing other than attempt to make a loan payment in the same manner I had been for several years I was banned from using the drive up.  Yes, treated like a damn criminal for doing something as sinister as trying to be responsible and pay my bills.  Punishment – indefinite.

Today I had a whole slew of errands to do, including making a small deposit.  It had been a few years since I attempted the drive up and I was very busy so I gave it a try.  Nope.  Still forbidden, have to come inside.  Which made me extremely angry.  So when the teller who has been there the entire time I’ve been banking there asked how I was I responded honestly.  I guess I looked and sounded as furious as I was because her boss joined us almost instantly.  I explained my outrage and was promised the matter would be reviewed.

An hour later the supervisor called me.  The ban has been lifted.  I am no longer condemned to parking and standing in line for minor transactions.  I was very well behaved and thanked her politely.  Aren’t you proud of me since you know that’s not at all
what I was thinking?

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