Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Day

This morning began before 6 AM with a baby possum in a trap. Someone pulled it out of his trunk to show me and then proceeded to release it in the middle of downtown Reading.  I’m not a big fan of them but the poor thing was tiny enough to be adorable and clearly petrified. It scooted back and forth along a wall before being threatened by a third someone who was intent on killing it simply because it was there. The first someone was all for it. He had trapped it by accident when attempting to capture the squirrel who was feasting at his birdfeeder. Me, being me intervened and the terrified critter wound up hanging from the side of the building. In the end I embarrassed him into recapturing it and taking it somewhere green to release it.

This afternoon I sat around in the blazing sun waiting for the nice mechanic from Howie’s garage to come poke at him. Every other time he was towed in he started for them so this time I insisted they send someone to us first in order to give them a better idea of what is going on since it’s rather difficult to fix something that’s working. He poked and tested and listened and hmm’d until he determined the possible causes and then asked me to arrange a tow.

Today’s AAA woman was truly miserable. Rude and downright bitchy! By the time she finally got to the point of asking why I needed a tow I was very close to giving her a truly smartass response but stopped myself before it slipped out. It would have been wasted on her since it was very evident she had no sense of humor.

Howie was happy to see his favorite tow truck driver again.  For the third, and hopefully last, trip with him.  Yeah, I really don’t think it’s necessarily a good thing to be greeted by the man come to take away my car like we’re old friends although there are worse things that could happen. At least I know he will get him there via the shortest route and not cause me to incur extra towing costs like the last guy did.

And then I picked today’s gallon of strawberries.


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