Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Stuff of Nightmares

While surfing the news on Yahoo I came across an article entitled “Invasive ‘Frankenfish’ Triggers Hunt in NYC”.  The blurb beneath a picture of a fish with a row of very nasty looking teeth reads, “A sharp-toothed predator that can live for days outside water has been spotted in Central Park.”

I’m not sure why but this set my imagination into overdrive.  Picture it.  Mad scientist-constructed fish flopping around the city, out for blood from any and all unsuspecting passers-by.  You’d go see that movie, wouldn’t you?

In truth the article was about a potential sighting in Central Park of a northern snakehead fish, native to Russia and Asia with no natural predators in the United States.  This makes them a very invasive species in a man-made habitat such as the one in Central Park.  New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation is asking any angler who catches one to confine it and contact them immediately.  They are illegal here, a move to protect our environment and native species, but when has that stopped people from trying to acquire something?

Back to my movie.  The northern snakehead can grow up to 40 inches and weigh as much as fifteen pounds.  They are said to be extremely aggressive and will quickly kill all marine life in a small pond.  Since they can survive on land for several days it’s possible for them to roam over to a neighboring pond or waterway in search of their next meal.  That’s all truth. Now imagine them on steroids, thirsting for human blood instead of fish.  We’ll need some sort of hero/heroine who saves the city.  Perhaps a duo or a whole team.  With wicked knives so they need to be up close and personal with the fish.  Yep, I can see it now.  It’ll be a blockbuster!  Who's in?  I need some backers.

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