Monday, April 29, 2013

A Mystery

I wandered out into my yard over the weekend to see what I could see.  Most was as expected.  The hyacinths are finished blooming.  The daffodils, tulips and other early bulbs are fading.  The iris are starting.  The poppies are budding.  The lavender is sprouting.  The summer amaryllis are in serious need of separating.  We won’t talk about the strawberries.

And then there was this bloom.  Never saw it before and I’m positive I didn’t plant it.  It’s obviously growing from some sort of bulb.  I went out later and discovered that the blossoms close up at night.

The flowers are similar to star of Bethlehem only the configuration is wrong so I have no clue what it is.  That’s okay.  It’s pretty and it seems happy to be in my yard so it can stay.  I love when this sort of thing happens!

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