Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How Rude!

Yesterday after work I went home, fed the cats and changed into my comfies.  I cooked, ate and packed my lunch for today.  I did the dishes and had just sat down on the sofa to relax when my doorbell rang.  Followed by knocking.  Followed by ringing.

I knew it wasn’t anyone I really wanted to see because my friends all know to call first since I tend to ignore tapping on my door.  Last weekend one of my neighbors asked me if I would help his daughter with something.  I thought it might be her as I neglected to mention she should call first so I answered it.

Wrong move!  It was one of those highly annoying switch your energy provider people.  Do you have them skulking your neighborhood?  This woman was a bit burly, fake hard hat with the local utilities name on it plunked on her head and a matching clipboard in her hand.  As I see it that’s a misrepresentation since in this area the gas and electric companies have nothing to do with one another and also because there was no purpose to her wearing it other than to look silly.  Perhaps she had an ID for who she did work for tucked behind the clipboard but I didn’t see it.  I wish I had because I would have reported her.

Without me saying a word she reached for my screen door handle.  She managed to open the door a few inches before I snagged my side and prevented her from yanking it all the way open.  I said, very politely, no thank you.  She ignored me and tugged on the door.  I repeated my no thank you, slightly louder.  She gave it another hard tug to which I said I wasn’t interested and told her to go away.  She refused and kept pulling, clearly intending to push her way into my home.  I let go of the door, stepped back and slammed the interior door in her face.  I admit it.  I had a flash of hope that my releasing the door as I did would cause her to topple down the steps backwards but no such luck.  She stood outside and yelled at me for a good two minutes.

Very obviously the company that employs her failed to give her even five minutes of customer service training.  That in itself makes them a firm I would never want to deal with.  If the sales people are that rude, imagine what it would be like if I ever needed to report a problem.  No, thank you!

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J said...

That is why my screen/outer door is always locked. I just automatically do it when I arrive home.

Interesting, as I prefer advance notice and do not answer the door for anyone who has not called ahead.