Monday, April 8, 2013

It Wasn't Me!

Last weekend some unknown stole five metric tons of Nutella from a depot in Germany.  I know you’re thinking it was probably me but I assure you, it wasn’t. 

How can you tell I’m not fibbing since we all know of my fondness for Nutella?  Simple.  Had it been me you would also have heard of a theft of an equal amount of marshmallow fluff since, to me, they go hand in hand.

Besides, I gave the amount some serious consideration and I think even I would be bored with it if I attempted to eat that much Nutella no matter how much I love it.  In discussing this today, someone suggested toasting a Nutella/Fluff sandwich much like a grilled cheese, adding ice cream and a chocolate drizzle and having it for dessert.  Hmm.  No, I still don’t think I could manage five tons though that does sound delicious. 

Perhaps with chocolate marshmallow ice cream…

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