Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The number of strawberry plants bursting into bloom in my yard.  Trust me, that is a VERY conservative estimate.  I suspect it’s closer to double that.  The evil little things have taken over.  They are running rampant, growing in the cracks in the sidewalk, fighting with the poppies who thought they’d established supremacy years ago.

The war has been raging for at least eighteen years now.  Ever since I was nice and bought a packet of five bare-roots from a child’s fundraiser and stuck them haphazardly in my flower bed.  Yeah, that’ll teach me to be nice, won’t it?

Some of the buds, like these pictured aren’t open yet.  Others are already beginning to form berries.  I’d say in less than a month I’ll be overrun once again with such a surplus I finally give up as I have in years past.  In my yard, being magical as it is, the growing season never ends entirely.  I was still plucking the occasional berry last August, long after the time the plants should have quit flowering.

I’ll let you know when the surplus is available for the taking.  Come on over and help yourself.  While you’re at it, take a hundred or so plants along home with you too.  Please!  I’m out of space for flowers and I really missed them last summer. 

Hmm, perhaps I’ll dig some up and under the cover of darkness spread the wicked, little invasive buggers all over the state.  Anyone want to help?  We can dress in black and go on strawberry missions.

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