Friday, April 19, 2013


Birthdays today! 

Please join me in wishing my friend, B a very happy day.  We started as coworkers eons ago when she thought she was coming in temporarily and ended staying for years.  During that time we chatted and became friends.  Yes, many good memories from that time in my life, thanks to her.  She moved away but we have managed to stay in touch.  I’m amazed how her son has grown into a splendid man with a family of his own yet she and I haven’t aged a day.  So happy birthday B.  Raising a glass in your hometown to you tonight.

Today is also Beau the Magical Kitty’s birthday.  He’s survived his terrible twos, barely, and is embarking on his third year.  I know, I know.  Stop laughing.  The notion that Beau will ever cease and desist in his antics is about as farfetched as saying I will but it’s his birthday so we should give him a twenty-four hour free pass. 

We’re still working on his collection of wicked little stories and have recently begun an adventure tale, starring him of course.  Who knows what the future will hold in regard to his talented, twisted mind!  We’ll all have to just wait and see, won’t we?  In the meantime, have some birthday tuna in his honor and send good tidings out on the wind for him to collect.

Happy weekend, all!

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