Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Book News!

Questing, book one of my Cosmic Connections series, is now available in print! It can be found here.

Although I adore the whole concept of ebooks, I must admit it’s pretty darn cool to be able to hold a paper copy of my words in my hands. There’s nothing quite like a pretty, shiny cover with my name on it to make me sigh.


Jordan McKade knows Kiley Fisher is his destiny the second he sees her. She, however, needs a lot more time to accept it. The last thing he wants to do is scare her away before she’s ready and it takes more self-control than he ever thought he possessed not to blurt out how desperately he wants to fuck her no matter how true it is.

Kiley’s problem isn’t that she doesn’t want him. It’s that she’s intimidated by the super sexy Jordan with his overwhelming business success and his voice that is so sinfully sensual she is ready to come every time he speaks to her.

When a no-good crook uses Kiley in his nefarious plans to save his own ass, Jordan comes to her rescue which finally lands them in a setting where they can no longer resist each other and the chemistry that’s been slowly building between them ignites in an inferno of passion.

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