Monday, January 31, 2011

I Admit It

I’m odd. I love cold weather. I even enjoy the occasional light snowfall. The world is pretty, cloaked in silent white.

But I’m about done with this nonsense. We’re having two to six or more inches of snow tonight. Wouldn’t be so bad except the edges of my street, as in where I attempt to park, are already saturated with snow, some that has been compacted into ice, difficult for Howie to maneuver, some of which has frozen solid in its fullest state, too deep for Howie to cross without risking damage to his belly. Then there’s the parking lot at work. It’s lost four spaces to snow piles. There’s only one separating mine from the snow. Much more and I’ll be out of luck too.

And oh yeah, did I mention what’s to follow this evening’s snowfall? Sleet, turning to freezing rain with up to an inch accumulation. Howie and I don’t like freezing rain. We don’t go out and about in ice storms. Well, Howie doesn’t. Sometimes I have no choice.

Therefore, I’d like to put in my request for two or three slightly warmish days to melt all this slop off the streets and then it can go back to being cold again. Yep. I like the cold part just fine.

Happy winter!

(Sorry I haven't been here lately. My much beloved great aunt passed away and I needed some time to regroup.)

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