Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Chosen

Lurking beyond the shadows
Betrayers to the darkness
Those that are incapable of understanding
They mill about, waiting to pounce
Seeking to destroy the delicate balance
To turn us against our own
Making our exquisite wickedness into something ugly
Sordid instead of beautifully evil
They shine a false light that taints all it touches
Unable to leave us in the gloom that brings us peace
They fear our serenity, our power that radiates from within
Deeming us monsters when in truth it is they who are barbaric
We are the Chosen
And they can’t abide that
Their jealously torments, sickening their putrid souls
They cannot rest without attempting to eradicate us
Impossible but they are so blinded by hatred they do not realize until it is too late
Yes, we are the Chosen, the True
Try as they might, they cannot infect us with their poison
We are individually unique yet we are one
We stand alone yet united
We are connected by silent communication that binds us tighter than their words ever could
We are solitary yet indivisible
We are universal
Unfathomable save to each other
And we will not be denied

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