Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Have a Vice

Want to take a guess as to what it is? Hahaha! Perhaps but that’s not the one I’m referring to this time.

No, today’s vice is Ghirardelli hot chocolate. Have you tried it? You should. C’mon. What are you waiting for? It's beyond wicked! Amazon has it on sale at the moment. Yay! Trust me though. It’s worth every penny, even at full price. Being on sale only makes it possible to collect more at one time.

It comes in several varieties. So far I’ve tried the double chocolate and the peppermint. Both excellent. I just got some chocolate hazelnut and mocha. Haven’t tried them yet. I’m attempting to maintain an iota of control and not allow myself to inhale them instantly which is what I truly want to do. We’ll see how long my restraint lasts.

Seriously, if you’ve never had any, you don’t know what you’re missing and you should correct the situation immediately. Wait, I’ll have some with you.

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