Thursday, February 24, 2011

How's This Sound?

I picked up my taxes today. I’ve been dreading the call, saying they were ready but I went and got them anyway. I suspect the financial guru who tends them for me was hesitant to contact me. Last year, I sat in his office and cried.

I arrived and the little boy who came scurrying to greet me went off to get my preparing along with my file so I’m guessing he’d be warned. Surprisingly, it wasn’t quite as bad as anticipated. Oh, it is still plenty bad. Bad enough that I’ve come up with a somewhat creative solution.

I’m going to pay the state and local folks what I owe, since the amounts to them are manageable. The federal is where the problem lies. I’ve decided not to pay them. I’m simply going to write them a letter explaining that since the world is coming to an end next year I prefer to keep my money and use it for the things I’ve been wanting to do that I’ve been putting off because I can’t afford them all at once. I will promise to pay them for last year, and this year as well since I will be withholding payment on those taxes too should the world not self-destruct on schedule. I will make installments throughout 2013 and 2014 to make up for it if need be. Hey, I’m holding back monies from two years so I should have two years to pay if it is necessary. Hmm, perhaps I’ll have my employer stop sending in any of the money they normally take out for me. Then I could really accomplish things on my list.

What do you think? Will they go for it?

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