Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My horoscope said I would get mistaken for someone famous today. Because I exude the kind of energy that screams ‘I am somebody!’ I am to let the masses lavish me with the attention I deserve.

It made me laugh. First of all, I am somebody. Me! Exuding energy or not, which today I am definitely not because I haven’t been sleeping lately, I am still me. I may not be famous and frankly, I prefer not to be, but I am and always will be me, which is not such a bad thing to be. I’d rather be me than you as I’m sure you would choose to be you instead of me. I know how to be me. I’d have to work at being someone else whereas being me comes naturally. I’m good at it.

As far as the masses lavishing attention on me? Um, yes, I do deserve it but no, thank you. If you know me at all, you know that’s not me, though I do enjoy occasional attention from those closest to me. I’m much more a behind-the-scenes type than a center-stage person. Well, most of the time. Even I have my moments but that’s fodder for another day.