Thursday, February 3, 2011


Every morning, after I get dressed for work, I pull up the blind in my bedroom so the cats can look out during the day. Generally, and I have no idea why, I do this before I put on my shoes. Probably because by then, one of them is swatting at the bottom of it as if to say get this out of the way.

It finally registered this morning what the pretty colored lights are that I see shining out of a window in one of the houses across the alley from mine. Christmas lights. Arranged in a tree shape so my guess is they haven’t taken down their decorations yet. Or perhaps they’ve turned it into a Valentine’s tree, as some people do.

It set me to wondering. I know absolutely about those people except that they live below the people who have constant loud arguments and have colored lights that are on before 6:00 AM. Having the imagination I do, I can come up with all sorts of explanations for this in addition to the obvious listed above. My question is this. What does the tiny glimpse of your life that’s visible from outside say about you?

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