Friday, February 18, 2011

A Visitor

Spring stopped by. Just for the day. A quick visit. Here for a few hours, gone sometime tonight. It was a rather nice time though most of it was spent with me inside at work so I missed a huge chunk.

I did have to drop something off in one of the other buildings so I had a few minutes of enjoyment. I was also reminded of why I so dislike the first few days of warm weather. It was reinforced throughout my journey home as well.

People simply lose their minds along with all their common sense. They forget why it’s not wise to step out in front of speeding cars. And that it’s easier for someone on rollerblades to get out of the way of cars coming in both directions. And how bicycles don’t stand a chance when up against a full trash truck.

Thank goodness winter is returning tonight. Perhaps today’s little near death experiences will make at least some of the people who had them think when the warm weather returns for real. I, for one, certainly hope so.

Happy weekend!

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