Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm Back!

Oh, you didn’t notice I was gone? That’s okay. I know I’m only the center of my own universe, not yours. As it should be.

I wasn’t off having fun. Nope, nothing of the kind. I thought my computer had up and died on me. It wasn’t terminal, however. It only had a very nasty looping virus that wouldn’t allow it to boot. So it just seemed dead. Poor thing kept trying, over and over again, getting faster with each go round.

I took it to the nice folks at Tech Basement and they brought it back to life. Sort of. Oh it boots again. And I can do all I used to do. But they salvaged the documents from the D drive, not the C drive. D drive was the one I used for back up and miscellaneous stuff I didn’t really need. C drive was where all the important, every day stuff was kept.

I called them and they were very apologetic. They said I could bring my computer back and they’d try again. I’d have to leave it with them for a week. Hmm, not sure I want to do that. I reclaimed most of my poetry from the site where I post it, The books I’m working on I make a habit of emailing to myself every time I add to them, so they’re safe. The most important things lost were pictures. Of friends. Of Beau as a tiny kitten. A few days spent roaming the city. Still, I’m not sure I want to turn my computer over to strangers again. Have you ever done that? It’s hard!

I will now be much better at backing things up to my hard drive. Every other day instead of every other month. Yep, sometimes I have to learn the hard way.

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