Thursday, January 13, 2011

Only in Reading

As I was crossing the street today I came upon the oddest thing. There were guys shoveling snow. That in itself is somewhat rare around here but that’s not what made me stop and look. Okay, gawk openly to be more accurate.

What caught my attention was that they were shoveling it, are you ready for this? Into trash bags. Yes, that’s right. Trash bags. And they weren’t merely using them as a means to transport the snow elsewhere in order to dump it out of the way. No, they had the bags neatly tied up, ready to be tossed in the dumpster which they then proceeded to do.

I admit it. I stood there, on the corner across the street and laughed out loud. With a total stranger who was doing the same thing. The things you see…


Amber Skyze said...

LMAO..I'd be doubled over laughing. Strange. Very strange.

dwaine0531 said...

wow! that is such a waste of a good garbage bag. lol maybe living in the snow makes you crazy, I''m from sunny san diego so I know nothing about cabin fever. thanks for the laugh.