Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Over the weekend I watched the fish episode of BBC Earth's Life. Included in it are sea dragons. They are the coolest of sea creatures. Their shape and fins really do make them look like dragons.

 Last night I dreamed I was diving, not something I’ve ever attempted, in order to go see them in person. I found some and was having a blast, watching them flit about as they did in the show when a real dragon scooped me out of the water. It was huge! And very, very angry with me. Apparently it was overly protective of its aquatic counterpart.

The interesting thing was that the dragon could talk. I tried to explain that I was just looking, not interfering in any way but it was still furious. It raised its bristly eyebrow and told me I had to pay for my transgression and the fee would be me. As in I was to be its dinner.

As you can imagine, this turned into quite the debate with me protesting and it insisting. Strangely enough, I kept being distracted by the waggling eyebrow. I don’t think I ever knew that dragons had eyebrows. For some odd reason it didn’t faze me one bit that it was speaking.

The most intriguing thing was its reasoning for snacking on me. In addition to my peering at its compatriots, that is. It seems that the dragon determined, without even taking the first bite, that I taste like Cracker Jack. I truly wonder how it knows that, don’t you?

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