Sunday, April 1, 2012


Did you know it takes less time to trap a cat than it does to chop up a pineapple? I know. Not a comparison you’d ever think of making, right? Well, I set the trap and went in to deal with the fresh pineapple I’d gotten at the dreaded store this week. Hey, I need some sort of reward for going. By the time I had the peal in the garbage and was taking it out to my trash can, the cat was caught.

I scurried back inside to grab the towel and carrier for the babies. Scooped them right up since they’d just eaten and were sound asleep. I put them right against the trap so mama could see them while we waited for the wonderful ladies to come get them. Let me tell you, the kittens are soooo sweet. Yes, I cuddled each one of them for a second before I put it in the towel. Of course I did. Did you think there was any chance I wouldn’t?

So mama and babies are off now. They will be checked over to ensure they’re healthy and then cared for until they can go to good, permanent homes. Some days life is good.

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