Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Rambling

I was drinking my spring water today and paused to read the bottle. What? Don’t you read everything that’s in your hand? Though truthfully, it began with noticing the design of the bottle. Reading the label followed. Natural progression and all that.

 The bottle itself made me curious. It has a bunch of ridges and a section that has bumps. Or bubbles? Columns perhaps? Anyway, one section is different. No clue why. After I studied it, I experimented on picking up the bottle, holding it and drinking from it. As far as I can tell, having this altered stripe makes no significant difference in regard to functionality. So it’s purely for aesthetic value?

Back to the label. What caught my attention was the 5¢ refund in Maine, Connecticut and New York. It has me calculating. How many bottles do you think it would take to make it worth the trip? Do you think enough would fit into Howie? Would there be so many I’d need to crush them? How long would it take to gather them up? And, once Howie and I made the trek and got there, where do we turn them in for cash?

So. How was your day? Any pressing dilemmas like this for me to ponder on next?

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