Monday, April 23, 2012

Today's Ramble

“Forecasters said that recent rains have caused the trees to replace leaves lost in winter, which could cause them to be heavier and more prone to breaking if snow accumulates.”

 I was reading about today’s late season snowstorm and came across this statement. I don’t quite understand it. I’m approaching old and it’s been my experience that deciduous trees in this part of the country routinely sprout new leaves around this time, recent rain or not. In fact, we’ve barely had any rain at all the past month or so and there are leaves galore. Yes, I just don’t get why a major news reporting organization would put the potential for leaf-covered trees blanketed with wet snow to cause damage when high winds are predicted in those terms.

 In my little corner of the world we haven’t seen any snow yet and it’s not real likely we will. Perhaps a few heavy wet flakes and that’s it. This winter was a tremendous disappointment to me. No snow to speak of since the fluke storm we had on Halloween. Barely any rain for me to wander in either. Or not until last night when I think it was making up for all the time it didn’t rain.

I sleep so much better when it’s raining. Yeah, it’s been a difficult couple of months. I think the cats have been afraid to come to bed these days. They’ve been tossed on the floor too many times lately when I’ve been battling nightmares. They were happy last night though, with the rain. I woke up this morning trapped with them snuggled up close.

You know why we’re having this weather now? Because I put the vent in the attic window last Thursday. It was hot inside so it was time. Now my house is chilly and damp but since I didn’t really turn the heat on all winter I’m certainly not about to now. Nor am I taking out the vent since it’s nice and secure and a tremendous nuisance to do. Nope, it’s in until fall and the cats can just deal with it. They’re furry and spend their days burrowed in my covers without me. They’ll be just fine, I promise.

Can you tell being trapped inside all day has me very restless? There was beautiful heavy mist and I was a good, responsible employee and didn’t go out roaming as I wanted to. But I can now so have a good night!

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