Saturday, April 21, 2012

Last Night

I went to breakfast last night with some old friends. Yes, I said last night and breakfast. Just because they happen to label it breakfast I see no reason why it should only be eaten in the morning. Perhaps menu makers should call that stuff Eggs and Things for people who like that food but can’t get passed the thought of having breakfast after 11:00.

Anyway, we met up at the Fifth Street Diner in Temple, PA. Do you know it? You should. It’s nummy! And cool vintage! I got there first and, since I had my camera, wandered the parking lot, taking pictures to go with this ramble. It only took about three minutes before a slightly concerned woman came out and approached me to see what I was up to. She identified herself as Megan, the owner and, as soon as I explained, couldn’t have
been more pleasant.

When I went in she turned me over to an equally pleasant waitress who was there with a smile instantly when needed but knew how to fade into the background. I had a few moments to observe as I waited for my friends and it seemed as if the majority of the staff shared that ability. I don’t know about you but that’s something I really admire. It’s a true talent.

The menu is huge! If I hadn’t already known what I was having it would have been a struggle choosing since so many things sounded tempting. The cakes I passed on the way in were too much to resist. What? Just because I had eggs doesn’t mean they couldn’t be followed by something sweet. Oreo layer cake. Need I say more?

We ended up staying way longer than most people do and the staff was very pleasant about it. This again is not something you find everywhere. Yes, if you’re ever in the area I recommend you stop in. You can believe I’ll be going back. Care to join me?

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