Thursday, September 6, 2012


Just got home from seeing Barry Manilow with Riley.  We had a blast!  He may be getting old but damn, the man still puts on one hell of a show.

He was playful, making fun of himself and how long he’s been doing this.  Throughout the show Manilow chronicled his career.  He performed non-stop for just under two hours and sang all the songs he’s known best for, giving personal history as he went. 

As is his style, he encouraged everyone to sing along.  I'm not one to sing in public but I sure did tonight.  At one point, when the cheers and whistles interrupted a song, he paused and showed his sense of humor.  It was so much fun!

Something cool.  Manilow has formed the Manilow Music Foundation.  He donates a piano to every city where he performs.  Before his concerts he runs promotions for people to drop off instruments they are no longer using to include with his donation and then announces where additional donations can be dropped off afterwards.  It's his way of encourage kids to develop their talents now that loss of funding has caused so many cutbacks to school music programs.

Good company, yummy dinner beforehand, great music which brought back a slew of nice memories.  What better way to spend an evening?

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Taylor Tryst said...

I just love that you saw him and had such a good time! Good for you and good for Barry!